Free ambulance service for handicapped patients The hardship of the handicapped patients in Israel is one of the most difficult things facing us every day, when many handicapped people are unable to leave their homes whatever the need. This difficulty becomes extreme when the patient is required to come to the hospital for medical treatment twice or three times a week. This is the case for cancer patients, those requiring dialysis, or persons needing rehabilitation after traffic accidents, strokes, etc Leaving home is a complex problem for them in general, and in particular because of the need for an ambulance suitable for transporting handicapped people to the hospital. This service costs hundreds of shekels for a single journey in the city. This is a price that the average family having an average income or being supported by pensions cannot afford, since cumulative costs come to thousands of shekels a month Many patients in Israel forgo vital medical treatment because of the difficulty in travelling to the hospital. We in "Refua Vesimcha" are making every effort to ensure that this won't happen, and are providing a free ambulance service for these handicapped patients. In this way we are actually saving lives